Monday, April 16, 2018

New Assignment

Another sweet week in the books!!! I cannot believe how fast time is flying. I’m down to my last month on the mission. But I don’t want to think too much about that. Yesterday, I got news from Elder Tate in Caxias that Jose and Santina were baptized! He said that the baptism meeting was amazing. So that made me happy. (I will try and send photos). But let me tell you how the week went.

I arrived in Porto Alegre on Monday. On Monday, I met my new comp Elder Shell from Texas and headed to the mission office. We met up with Presidente Campos who told us what we would be doing this transfer. He then told us we would get to participate in the arrival of the new missionaries. Man this was a blast from the past. Seeing the new missionaries in the airport, greeting them, taking them to the mission office, and to the temple, was all surreal. About two years ago, I was getting off the plane in Porto Alegre getting to know Pres. And Sister Campos. They were all extremely excited and nervous to get to the field. We then prepped a mini training for the next day and ate dinner at President’s house. It was great hearing some funny stories with them and the new missionaries. The next day was filled with training and the departure of the new elders/sisters for their areas. After the meetings, Pres. gave us our first mission. Elder Shell and I learned that we’d be traveling to Gravatai, a city super close to Porto Alegre. We’d be helping the Elders of the Monte Belo Ward. We spent 3 days in their area, and it was a blast. I spent the division with Elder Gois from Curitiba. He has been on the mish for two months and has a big desire to learn. I was amazed at how receptive the people of Gravatai were. Everyone was letting us in their houses, talking with us in the street, and treated us well. What a cool area! Finished the splits with 2 baptisms of Christiano and Jennifer. They were the first baptisms of the new Monte Belo Ward! We then headed back to Porto Alegre on Sunday, reported to Pres, and we are now waiting on our next adventure. Thanks for all the love.
Elder Bodine

The Office Staff

Tchau to Caxias and elder Tate

Gravataí morning rise

Splits with Elder Gois e Elder Favoretti, and my comp Elder Shell

Baptism of José e Santina

The Crew

Monday, April 9, 2018

Back to Porto Alegre

Let me tell you about one of the craziest weeks of my mish: Why was it crazy? Because nothing went right. Overall, my comp, Elder Tate, and I laughed cause of how everything spun out of control. Yup, it was one of those weeks. But these weeks help us grow. So overall, I’m trying to be positive. Let me tell you about the main event: Jose and Santina. Jose and Santina are a couple I’ve been teaching with Elder Tate since January. They’ve been wanting to get baptized for awhile, but some wedding documents have been making the whole process tricky. Finally we got everything resolved, and the baptism was marked for Saturday. One rule of missionaries is on the week of the baptism, you need to follow up your investigator everyday. So on Monday we headed to their house. Everything was great. Santina told us she was praying for everything to go according to plan. Tuesday, we returned and learned that Santina had cut her eye with a brush. She was in incredible pain. We could give her a blessing and make some awesome promises. Wednesday we spent the day in Porto Alegre so on Thursday, we returned. Well, this is when it got fun. Jose and Santina are some of the most loving/serving people I’ve ever met. They are the most popular couple in the neighborhood. So they always have visitors. We got to the house, and Jose greeted us. He simply told us “Santina’s brother from the church is here.” “Don’t talk about baptism.” We were confused. We then met an extremely evangelic couple. At first, there was a awkward silence after a little chit chat. Then the couple said, “Well one of us has to start talking.” And boom they started to anti or criticize everything we had taught. Man, I won’t even tell you what they said, but it was heavy. We tried to defend/testify, but they didn’t let us talk. When I finally got a chance to talk, two more families arrived, one catholic and the other spiritism, and a 4 religion bible bash happened. Man that was a first, and let me tell you it was a bunch of yelling. I left the house confused, so imagine Jose and Santina. We returned on Friday, and Jose was in doubt. We challenged him to read the Book of Mormon and ask God if he needed to be baptized. He accepted. On Saturday, in the spirit of fast, we returned to their house to prep for the baptism. What occurred was unbelievable. We got to their house, and we found 20 people. We entered, Jose was crying, and Santina sat us down. She explained that 30 minutes before we arrived Jose had received a call from his dad that his mom had passed away from a surprise/sudden heart attack. They traveled to the funeral and the baptism was cancelled. Moral of the story: Opposition is real. The enemy wants us to give up on them, but we are determined! We won’t give up. I thought I would be here for the baptism, but last night at 10 pm, I got a call from president saying I’m ending my mish in Porto Alegre! Craziness!!!!
P-day shenanigans

Teachin in the mato of Brasil

After 1 year and 10 monthes in Brasil... I found a tarantula 

Our visit to Juventude... Caxias pro soccer team

Kaeytln´s baptism from last week

Monday, April 2, 2018


“E agora, meus amados irmãos, e também judeus e todos vós, confins da Terra, dai ouvidos a estas palavras e acreditai em Cristo; e se não acreditardes nestas palavras, acreditai em Cristo. E se acreditardes em Cristo, acreditareis nestas palavras, porque são as palavras de Cristo e ele deu-as a mim; e elas ensinam a todos os homens que devem fazer o bem.” 2 Nephi 33:10

Man, I love conference. It is a time to listen to the words of prophets, apostles and leaders of the church. We must believe in their words because Christ our Savior and King inspired them with these valuable teachings. These teachings will influences us to good. I love the counsel of Job: “Hear diligently my speech and my declaration with your ears.” I tried my best to diligently hear my leaders and seek personal inspirations. What an inspiring conference! As I raised my right arm to sustain Russell M. Nelson as a prophet, seer and revelator, an overwhelming feeling filled by body, a feeling of surety, peace and warmth that the Lord has once again called a living prophet. How great my joy was in that historic moment. The immense changes and inspiring talks showed me of the Savior’s love and awareness of current times and our current needs to hasten this work. Here were some of my favorite take aways:

I loved Larry Echo Hawk’s remarks on forgiveness. As he spoke, I learned that as we forgive and are forgiven, we are spiritually strengthened. Lynn G. Robbins complemented these thoughts showing that mistakes are a part of life. We can’t have fear of being wrong or of our weaknesses but we must confront them, learn, and grow. The Savior will always permit second chances. David A. Bednar helped me better understand the importance of being meek. Those who are meek will inherit the Lord’s kingdom. I loved Taylor Godoy’s talk on daily sacrifice. It was my favorite. Sacrifice brings blessings and creates success in our lives. We must fill our days with sacrifice to become the Lord’s disciples. Dale G. Renlund showed me the incredible importance of temple work and family history. I had no idea that there are so many blessings promised to those who make temple work/family history part of their lives. Larry Y. Wilson’s remarks on the importance of being guided and directioned by the Holy Ghost helped me realize the importance and need to be obedient and to recognize these inspirations. Henry B. Eyring complemented by adding that we must be desirous to have the Holy Ghost constantly in our lives. Dallin H. Oaks’ talk on salvation through small and simple things was a masterpiece. I loved his example of many little drops versus dumping a bucket of water. We must give value to all our decisions small or big. Pres. Nelson’s talk on the importance of seeking and receiving personal revelations strengthened by testimony on constantly seeking and following inspiration given from the Holy Ghost. Like the prophet said the heavens are open. God will speak to us. I loved Elder Uchtdorf’s talk on beholding Christ! We must celebrate life, gain our own testimonies of the man of all men, behold the Savior, and become disciples of him. If we do so, eternal life will be gained. Overall, I’m extremely grateful to hear our leaders inspiring words. I feel ever more that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church of Christ on this earth!

Love you all, Elder Bodine

Singin in the rain grafitti

Easter bunnies

Zone t-shirt

Boonies de Caxias

Me and the misson leader of Caxias

Milk shake

michael phelps dave

Me and my buddy the hulk

Monday, March 26, 2018

Week of loucura

E ai tche!!! This week was crazy. I have never run around a city more than this week. This week, I was able to participate in 5 divisions or splits, travel to 3 different cities, all while my comp got super sick. This week we were able to have an awesome zone conference with Pres. Campos. We talked about how to help our investigators enter in the baptismal waters. The meeting was super spiritual. Pres. Campos made a remark that really stood out to me. He said that in his hotel was a huge conference of the TV Globo (the biggest television channel in Brazil). He told us that this conference wasn’t the most important meeting being held that day in Caxias, but that our conference was far more important. Although the conference had 100s of famous journalists and actors, our conference had 20 journalists, communicators, and representatives of the true and eternal gospel. Man, when President made that bold statement, I felt honored to be a missionary of Jesus Christ and felt the importance of my daily labors.

Like I said, the conference was on helping our investigators be baptized. It was awesome because we could immediately apply with Juan. Juan is a teenager, 14 years old, who was invited to church last Sunday by his good friend Alex. He loved church. We marked a visit with him on Monday. After taking a 40 minute bus to the outskirts of Caxias, we found his humble house. We learned that his brother is member and that his family supports the church 100%. We left a message and at the end, we didn’t even have to invite him to be baptized. He told us that he was wanting to be baptized on Saturday. The next 5 days, we visited him and his family. It was awesome seeing him get more excited for his baptism. On Saturday, his great friend, Alex, was able to baptize him. It was an awesome process and an amazingly spiritual baptism meeting. Yesterday, he received the gift of the Holy Ghost, and next week he will get the priesthood. Overall, it was awesome to see such a change in Juan.

The end of the week got even better when Bira, Helena, and Bruno from Santa Cruz made a 3 hour trip to Caxias just to give me a visit. They are awesome Bira is a 1st counselor in the YM and prepping to receive the Melchizedek priesthood. Helena is first counselor in the YW, and Bruno leaves in 2 weeks for his mission in Brasilia. They are loving the church and serving to the max. Bira/Helena were excited to tell me that they had recently gotten their patriarchal blessings. Overall, I was thrilled.

Não pregues coisa alguma a esta geração, a não ser arrependimento; guarda meus mandamentos e ajuda a trazer à luz minha obra, de acordo com meus mandamentos; e serás abençoado.” Doctrine & Covenants 6:9 ("Say nothing but repentance unto this generation; keep my commandments, and assist to bring forth my work, according to my commandments, and you shall be blessed.")
Love, Dave

Chocolate chip Cookie Cheescake


Juan´s baptism

Bira, Helena, Bruno e crew

Coin Jar

40 lbs. of coins!

Dave the friendly giant

Doce de abóbora ( Brazilian pumpkin pie )

Car selfie with bira e fam

Monday, March 19, 2018


Another week in the books. Man, time is flying faster than ever before. I’m loving the mish and trying to take advantage of every second. My comp, Elder Tate, and I have been focusing on opening our mouths so that all can be invited to hear the message of the restored gospel. Upon speaking with more and more people everyday, it’s interesting to see the type of people who exist in this world. There are people who are happy with life, down in the dumps, and every thing in between. Excluding backgrounds, circumstances, cultures, or livelihoods, every one has 2 options upon hearing our invitation: accept or refuse. These thoughts reminded me of Christ’s parable of the sower. As missionaries, we plant seeds (and collect the harvest), everyday. We plant seeds on the way side, in stony places, in the thorns, and in the good ground. We trust in the Lord that he shall nourish these seeds, but at times, with free choice, these seeds reject growth and are unable to produce fruits. Every time I open my mouth, I hope and pray that I plant a seed in the good ground, so that this seed bears fruit. Like Christ taught, he needs us planted in the good ground. When we are firmly planted and producing fruit, we need to help others find and stay in the good ground. Over 21 months in Brasil, I have seen many be planted in the good ground and produce wonderful fruits. What great joy it brings me to see others come unto Christ and be perfected in him. I love this gospel. I love my mission. What an amazing adventure, experience, and chance I have to represent my Savior, Lord and King. May we all be planted in the good ground in hopes to return unto him!!!

Love Dave,

The fresh cuts

Division with my peruvian compatriot Elder Pena

That suprise photo mid journal writing

Homeade guac