Monday, February 19, 2018

Oi Povo!

This week was interesting. I had some of the most challenging moments on the mish. Many porque or whys came to mind, but in the end, we had several miracles. This week I had a wonderful interview with Pres. Campos. I asked how I could take advantage of these last 3 months. He told me to search for that convert you’ve always wanted. A family, couple, young man who will go for the mish, and more. The interview was amazing and left me with a rush of energy and spirit to have the best last 3 months. Let me tell you why the week was rough. Many of our best investigators discontinued us, and we were having many troubles finding new people to teach. But when I started to get frustrated and was losing a little bit of desire, I found a scripture in 1 Nephi 11:17, where Nephi tells us that he knows the Lord loves him, but does not know the meaning of all things. Sometimes we won’t understand the “whys,” but we can always know that the Lord loves us. With that scripture in mind and really confide and believe that our Heavenly Father would help us. That is when we started to have success in the week….Let me tell you a couple of stories:

After a hard day on Friday, it was 7 pm, and we didn’t have anything to do. I said a prayer, and I remembered a family we had tried to visit, but were unable to find the house. So we began to search. After scouring various alleys, I felt compelled to enter an alley. We entered and after avoiding a crazy dog, we found their house. A family of 6 welcomed us in and offered us dinner. The spirit was so strong as we testified of the restoration of this church. At the end of the lesson, Suelin, the mother of the family, told us how she had lost her father 3 years ago and ever since has been in moments difficults. She has talked with a pastor of another church, and he told her that 2 people would enter in her house, leave a message of peace, and invite her to follow Christ. She cried as we promised her that she would see her father again. Man, it was one of the most spiritual lessons I’ve ever taught on the mish. On Saturday, I had one of my best days ever. We taught many people, teenagers, young adults, couples, and families. So many moments that filled us with Christ’s love. Man, I learned a lot this week. With more than 20 months on the mish, it amazes me that I never stop learning and growing closer to Christ. I love you all. Have a great week and love the Lord.


P-day hammock life

Monday, February 12, 2018

Double Your Faith

Man mission life is crazy. Haha. You always have to expect the unexpected. This past Wednesday, my comp (Elder Martinelli) and I were returning from splits in a distant city when I got a call on the bus. President told us that my comp needed to pack his bags and head to Alvorada, a city close to Port Alegre, and that my new comp would arrive that day. Man it was rough seeing Elder Martinella go and weird only spending 3 weeks with a comp. But I learned a ton with my sarcastic mineiro comp. After waiting a couple of hours, my new comp arrived.  Elder Tate from Kirtland, Ohio. I lived with Elder Tate for 3 months in Santa Cruz. So we are excited for the work here in Caxias.

This week we studied a lot about faith. My main take aways from my study on faith were that 1. Faith is power. If we have faith anything can happen. 2. If our requests or questions or needs are not responded to or acted upon, we need to double our faith. Double our faith can signify a number of things. Study more, pray with more power and sincerity, serve those around you, put a bad habit or tendency on the alter of sacrifice, or develop Christ like attributes. When we double our faith and put in work, God grants us with our needs. Elder Tate and I had an awesome experience where we asked the Lord to grant us a miracle at church. When we were filling the baptism font, a couple walked in and told us that they were visiting for the first time. They told us how their 9 year old son had tragically passed away and how they were searching for answers. What a miracle to find a couple super prepared and ready for our message.

We also had the baptism of Bianca. Bianca is the daughter of a wonderful family that we are re-activating. Her father is a renowned vocalist and guitar player who has had many troubles with alcohol. But he desires to return and stay firm in the church. Bianca has been a light for the family because of her great desire to be baptized. Now her whole family is coming back strong. Her brother Adam is wanting to serve a mish and everything. Man, they are an awesome family. Overall, I’m stoked with the Lord’s work and trying to double my faith. Love you all and have a great week.


Caxias parks

Biancas baptism and cake

Chewbacca and Han Solo

Caxias Hills

Midevil swords

Monday, February 5, 2018

Caxias do Sul!!!

This week was packed with craziness. First off, we had a conference in Porto Alegre. It was awesome seeing some great missionary friends and Pres. and Sister Campos. Sister Campos gave a wonderful training on how to work with members. Specifically how to work with ward organization leaders like Elder’s Quorum, Young Women, etc. For sure I will apply her awesome training. This week we had an awesome ward activity. We planned a Noite Americana 2.0. In the activity, we had a pancake eating contest with maple syrup, name the 50 states, and many other American activities. At the end of the activity, we released a ward missionary project called “Find a Friend” with the goal of every ward member/family needs to find somebody to take to a Sacrament Meeting in the month of February. I’m praying that we can get these members active in the missionary work. It is awesome because when a ward or branch participates more in missionary work, everyone is spiritually edified. The meetings are more spiritual, everyone is more apt to serve one another, and the ward grows with more converted new members.

A scripture that stood out to me in my personal studies this week was Mormon 9:28. I love Mormon’s clear and direct counsel to the reader. He tells us to be wise, to ask God for unbreakable faith and strength to overcome all temptations so that we can better serve our Heavenly Father. If we follow this simple counsel, we will better ourselves as servants of Christ. This week was full of learning experiences, and I honestly can’t believe that I’m closing in on 20 months as a missionary. It has been in incredible experience, and I have really come to love the people of Brazil. It might seem funny, but I honestly don’t want to speak English again. Portuguese is way more natural. Haha. I could list a hundred other reasons why I love Brazil and the mission. Have a great week.
Pancake eating comp noite americana

Morning Run Sights

Morning Run

Monday, January 29, 2018

Still building my testimony

This week flew by. There were many moments that built my testimony. First off, Patrick, whose baptism was marked for the first Sunday in February, decided to get baptized on this Sunday. His baptism was amazing, and he said he felt the spirit super strong. Also, an inactive family that we have been working with a lot went to church. We called them up on Sunday morning, and they were sleeping. But to my surprise, they told me that in 30 minutes they would be at church. They showed up, and the members loved seeing this family return to the ward.

Here in Caxias do Sul, my comp and I have both been focusing on working with members. I have learned on the mish that working with members is the best way to find people who are ready to be converted. With members working in on the fight, these investigators will have friends and members to depend on in times of need. One way we have been working with members has been visiting them at a time different than our planned meals. I remember as a member before the mish receiving visits from the missionaries always for dinner. Now that I think about it, it was rare to receive a visit at a different time. As a missionary, my comp and I have been visiting members spontaneously. So far, the results have been awesome. It is great to see the members desire to work. To help spark this desire, we have been inviting members to remember their first feelings of being with the missionaries, being baptized, and gaining his or her testimony. We always leave the message of the restored gospel, explaining how Christ’s perfect church was put on this earth once again through the prophet Joseph Smith. At the end of the message, we bear our testimonies and invite members to once again pray and ask God if these things are true. I know that God will never leave us without an answer. When we ask in faith, he wants us to know and reaffirm the truefulness of this gospel. Truly this has been a wonderful experience, and I invite you all to once again, or for the first time, ask if these things are true. He will show you. Thanks for the love and prayers.

Elder Bodine

 First time in a fusca (retro bug)

Baptism de Patrick

My comp said, "Man i love americans" as i took this photo. All of his comps have been Americans
pictured with a capybara

With the house mates Elder Lima e Elder Gomes