Monday, September 18, 2017

Was up my family!!!!!!!!!

It's time to get started with the adventure in Santa Cruz. Let's see, where can i start... This week I will give you a little update on the area, comp, and investigators.  Well, Santa Cruz is nothing like the Santa Cruz in CA.... No beaches.... But the city is super pretty. AND LET ME TELL YOU ABOUT THE HILLS. Man 1 year on the mish, and I have never passed in an area with hills... well here in Santa Cruz, it is all hills. To my suprise also Santa Cruz doesn't look like your normal Brazilian city... it is more like Canela or in other words pretty americanized or europeanized in terms of style and houses. Everyone is german and catholic here which can have its difficulites, but we are creating a good group of investagators through working with the members. We found a great family of inactives that went to church this week and still have some members that need yet to be baptized... Also, we are teaching the boy friend of a member inactive named Albert.... Lol he is so ready to be baptized and said he was willing to completely change his life to follow god. This week we had the baptism of Paula.... She is the neice of a recent convert, and I have never seen someone so ready to be baptized. She literally accepted all of our invitations and commandments so willingly and knew that it would be a blessing for her and her family... We are trying to teach her mom but she is deaf so it will be a little complicated. My comp Elder Rocha Neto... Is hilarious. He is from Recife and has 1 year 8 months on the mish... We are always crackin up in the street and have a ton of similar interests. He has been out here in Santa Cruz for 2 transfers, and we got a lot of big goals for this transfer. We also live with another dupla of a crazy Elder from argentina and a verdinho (greenie or new missionary) from Kirkland, Ohio.... The dude sings let me tell you. Overall, that is the weekly update here in Santa Cruz... other sidenote, we are teaching an amazing family who recently moved from a small town in the middle of nowhere. The husband is a member inactive and served a mish in Manaus.... His kids got baptized a few weeks back, and now his wife is preppin to be baptized. They are the most amazing fam ever, and we are gonna have  FHE there today... Brownie time ahaha. Have an awesome week and know that you are all in my prayers ....


Elder Bodine

Paula´s baptism

Dessert at member´s houses (this is why Missionaries gain weight)

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