Monday, December 11, 2017

Spread the Light of the World

This week I don't have much time.... but I wanted to wish everyone a wonderful season and invite you all to shine your light. This week I had the chance to sit down with the branch president and talk aobut members who needed a visit from the missionaries.  We were able to concentrate the week entirely in visiting members, active and inactive. Man what a crazy week. I have never seen so many people who have fallen away from the path. It was sad seeing previous Branch presidents, young womens leaders, and seminary teachers who had no interest in heading back to the church. But we also found others interested to come back to the church. We were able to teach a mom of an active member who hadn't been to church in more than 20 years... to my suprise she was one of the first people at church... Many other miracles filled the week.. honestly I love this work... I love sharing my testimony... and I love being a representative of Christ... Spread the light of the world and you will be happy!



Feliz Natal Elder Queiroz

Feliz Natal Elder Queiroz e Bodine

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