Monday, September 12, 2016


Another week has flown by... This week was actually kinda boring. Nothing crazy happened. But still it was filled with many spiritual highlights, adventures, and learning experiences. 

I´m surprised I have yet to talk about chimarrão. It's this tea type drink that every Brazilian of Porto Alegre drinks. How does it taste you might ask??? It is super bitter. So in my opinion... not so good. But I have adjusted to drinking it, because every member and investigator we teach offers it to us... And we have to accept. But anyways, this week we were in the house of an investigator named Roney. He is super cool, and we are preparing him to get married to his "wife" of 17 years and then baptized. He always is drinking chimarrão, so when we go to his house we expect to drink about 10 cups... which is a lot. Mid lesson, Roney was passing me the chimarrão when I dropped and spilled it all over his daughter... At first I was super embarrassed, but then everyone started laughing... so I guess it was all good. Now they always joke around with me when they pass the chimarrão. 

Anyways, moral of the story, we drink chamarrão everywhere. 

Other highlights of the week include hearing an apostle of the lord speak. Elder Neil A Andersen came to our mission. Unfortunately since I'm on the outskirts of our mission areas, I didn’t get to see him in person.  He speaks some (I mean barely any) Portuguese, but his message was still extremely powerful. This impressed me because sometimes I feel like my lack of vocabulary or mistakes when speaking prevent me from sharing our message. But after hearing Elder Andersen speak, I know that through the spirit there are no barriers when it comes to teaching. Elder Andersen's main point was that conversion is not a one time thing... Every day we need to improve ourselves and become more converted. 

But how? Through personal study, bearing our testimony to others, prayer, repentance, and having faith in Jesus Christ. This people of Brazil accept Jesus Christ. But most of the time they do not know him. It is our job to help these people know Christ. And how, through Christ, families can be eternal, we can receive repentance, and we can enter in the presence of God. Hearing Elder Andersen's testimony inspired me to work harder every day. Put in a little extra effort to find that one extra person to teach. I encourage you all to put in that extra effort spiritually each day. Whether it be reading scriptures for 5 extra minutes, talking to a stranger about the church, or bearing your testimony to a family member. If you put in the extra effort, you will become more converted like Elder Andersen promised to us. I love you all and thank you for your support and prayers. Remember that Conversion is not a one day or one time experience. It is every moment of every second of our lives. I know this church is true and through this gospel families can be eternal.


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