Monday, September 19, 2016

Eternal Families

This week was a blur. I honestly can’t remember a ton that happened. To put things in perspective, I only went proselyting with my companion for two of the days last week. You are probably wondering... Is David being a fubeca (lazy missionary)... Nah, we just had divisions for pretty much every day. We also ventured to Porto Alegre for mission tour: a giant meeting with every missionary in the mission with a member of the seventy. It was super cool seeing the people I arrived with, meeting new Americans to ask questions to, and hearing an inspiring message. We focused on how to convert families. A family is the central unit in this gospel. Through a united, gospel-oriented family, many miracles and blessing can occur. I realized how fortunate I am to have a family that is sealed in the temple for time and all eternity. The three other missionaries that I live with in Erechim (Elder Muller, Pedraza, and Pereira), all are converts to the church. All three only have one or two other family members that are members. They always ask me questions about how having a family in the church has affected my life. Elder Pedraza was amazed that my family had family home evening every week. He also always says that one day he wants a family like mine. This hit the heart pretty hard. I thought, "WOW how lucky am I to have a family that is active in the gospel and supports me in all my endeavors." There are so many families here in Brazil who need this gospel. It’s amazing seeing the effect our lessons can have on a family. Right now we are teaching three different families. We hope to get them all to accept a date for baptism... but more importantly prepare to enter the temple and be sealed together for time and all eternity. That’s my message for this week. Make sure to show extra love and care for your families this week. Do an extra act of service, give a compliment, write a note, say a prayer... anything helps. Also, be quick to forgive. This gospel is awesome. I love preachin’ it cause I know through it I can have an eternal fam. Thanks for your prayers and support... 


Family Home Evening with the crew

Erechim Sunrise

Gente I arrived with

My homie Elder Moreira (awesome English/Brazilian dude that I did splits with)

Splits with Elder Pereira

Splits with Elder Pereira

Me in the kitchen

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