Monday, December 5, 2016


This week was filled with just about every missionary experience possible. Being called names, spiritual high/lows, baptisms, new investigators, and so much more. First off, the news you’ve all been waiting for…my new comp. So, Elder Robert and I had a last supper last p-day, and then he headed to Passo Fundo on Wednesday, and I went to pick up my new comp in Porto Alegre. Drum roll….Elder Soares is my new greenie comp. Thank goodness he is a Brazilian from Espirito Santo. He’s 24 (almost 25) years old, super timid, yet super chill tambem. He loves reading, Japanese/Korean anime, and animals. We’re kinda different as you can see, but we have been getting along super well. Most importantly, we’re putting in work finding new people to teach, opening bairros, and teaching through the spirit. Now, let’s hit some of the highlights of the week.

            I’ve been called a plethora of names out here on the mish (good and bad). One day, my comp and I were walkin down the street in a rich bairro, when a white fiat slowly pulled up next to us. The driver rolled down his window, stuck out his arm in a fist pump motion, and yelled in a deep, super low voice, “Espião!!!” (translated = spy), honked his horn and then sped off.  Not gonna lie, it was hilarious. Another highlight from the week was finding Douglas. Elder Soares and I were walking down a road when something told me to take a steep turn on a road that look deserted. But I followed the impression, and we found a house with a dude chillin on the front porch. So I talked to him. He gladly accepted to hear our message. Turns out that Douglas, 23 years old, would be an investigator of gold. He loved the first lesson and willingly accepted all of our convites (prayer, read Book of Mormon, baptism). The next time we visited him, we sat down on his couch, and he explained that he had done some research on the church. This usually means we’re done for cause research on the internet never leads to good. But turns out, he found a video/article on how the Mormon church is one of the most giving and humanitarian focused organizations in the world. He then showed us how much he read of the Book of Mormon. We showed him the Christmas video of the Church, which he loved, and then told us he has been trying to trade his day off for Sunday (church). So pray that he gets his foga traded to Sunday. Also found a mother/son who loved the first lesson and wants to get baptized. And lastly, we found Luciana, who shed many tears as we explained that she could have an eternal family. Her husband is a Lutheran preacher so we will have to see what happens with that, but she wants to get baptized.

            I was reading in 3 Nephi 7 this week, and some scriptures had strong impressions on me. Principally, verses 14-21. Nephi is preaching repentance and faith in Christ. I love how Nephi testifies boldly of Christ with power and great authority. Nephi is in such a spiritual state that angels minister to him daily. With all this spirituality and focus, his word and teachings have so much power that, “It were not possible that they could disbelieve his words.” These verses opened my eyes to how we need to be bold testifiers of Christ. We all, know, love, and trust in Christ, so why shy away from an opportunity to testify of Christ. I remember in the beginning of the mish, my testimony was presented in a timid, shy manner, I now see the important of staring the investigator in the eye, letting the spirit guide my words, and showing my love for Christ, the investigator, and this gospel. I challenge you all to boldly testify of Christ. Like Nephi, you might not have huge success in converting others (21), but I promise that your testimony will grow leaps and bounds and that you will truly be more converted unto Christ.

            Thank you for all your love and support. Know that I’m learning a ton training Elder Soares and that I love this gospel. Have a great week, I miss you all, and don’t forget to boldly testify of Christ.

Love, Dave

last supper of robert and i

Baptism of the other dupla (I've taught these guys a bunch, so I considered it our baptism too)

Me and Big Poppa throwin our hands in the air like wes a true player


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