Monday, July 24, 2017

This week Elder Aidukaitis

Let me tell you, this week was a week of a lot of news.  New investigators, new neighborhoods, new members, and new missionary skills. To be honest, I never thought I would learn so much more than 1 year into the mish. Why did I learn so much you may ask? Because I participated in 2 meetings with the Area President of Brazil, Elder Aidukaitis. All I have to say is that General Authorities are truly inspired and that the spirit was so strong during the meetings.  Elder A gave us all ideas, knowledge, and desire to double or triple the number of baptisms in the mish. Here were some of my take aways: In the 1st meeting, he told us and focused on chapter 8 of Pregar Meu Evangelho. He told us the importance of plans and goals and how learning to establish plans and accomplish goals will help us in all aspects of our life. He was always referring to our last day on the mish and our last day of this life. Did I make a big or small difference in the lives of others and myself? Could I have done more? He told us a successful missionary is a dedicated missionary in all aspects of missionary life, especially creating plans/accomplishing goals. He asked us “Do you want the people you teach to receive the greatest blessing in their lives???” He made an amazing comparison of the liahona to the area book (a binder where we keep important information about investigators), and told us it is the best place to receive revelation for the area. So treat it with respect!!! He also told us that we need to set high goals. On the next day, he talked a ton about our faith. How our faith needs to be like the missionaries of the Book of Mormon. He told us that we need to have this great faith and works. He emphasized about the characteristics of Christ – love, diligence and patience. Most importantly, we need to have this desire to serve others. There are many other scriptures and infos that Elder A declared, but his remarks on our desire to serve, our desire to open our mouths, our desire to look back on the mish saying I put everything out there is what will get our mish to the success that we want. All of this desire will come through planning and goals and constant focus on our purpose. This week was an awesome energy boost on my desire to serve. I can’t wait to put these teachings in practice. Thanks for everything.

A little p-day churrasco

Our mission group 1 year after
New Tie That I made p-day

Birthday Elder Gomes

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