Monday, July 31, 2017

Transfers and Miracles

Well then.... What can I say... Overall, I'm super sad to be leaving Taquara. Transfers are always the worst... I will let you know why I'm not too psyched to leave Taquara after a week of amazing work. First off, Taquara has been an amazing challenge for me. Over the last 3 transfers, I have been discovering how I can effectively work here to baptize converts. This week was one of my best weeks in the city. First off, I remembered a family that a member had showed me one time and said that maybe we should try to teach them... He told the 2nd week I was here in Taquara. The other day I had a dream that we needed to go there. When we arrived, we found a woman who was one of the first members here in Taquara and her three kids. One of her children, Lucas, who is 22, is amazing. He almost died last year from a brain virus and said he is willing to do anything to follow Christ. We marked his baptism for next week, and he loved church. Also I was able to do a division with Elder Silva one of my office buddies because my comp went to POA to paint houses. On the division, we found a Haitian  Emanuel,who was amazing. He accepted everything that we taught him, and I even got to teach in English. The lesson was super interesting because we had to teach super simply. I was wishin I could make a phone call for Mads because he speaks French. But through using a ton of scriptures in his French bible, he was able to understand the message and accept being baptized. We also taught a couple, Julia e Fabricio, who loved our message. I had already taught them one time, and they have already gone to church. Fabricio is super quiet but when we taught aabout the gospel of Christ, he opened up. We asked him what he wanted to learn in the lesson, and he said how to pray. In the end of the lesson, we kneeled on the their humble houses floor, and he offered the most amazing prayer, asking God for forgiveness for his sins and that he could be prepared to be baptized and start a new life. I couldn't stop smiling. Also, we received an amazing reference of a family who recently moved to Taquara from Fortaleza. They loved church and have a desire to follow what we are teaching. Their 3 kids are super cute also. Lastly, a inactive member who I have visited during my stay here went to church Sunday and brought his son who hasn't been baptized.... he will probably be baptized next week. It always seems like many miracles come at the wrong time.... haha jk. But I'm just happy that i could play a part in these peoples conversion. The transfer was crazy. We live in 4 here in Taquara. One elder will train and his comp will take my place in Taquara with Elder Santos. I'm heading back to Porto Alegre to the area parque dos maias. Pray for me cause I'm excited to see more miracles... thanks for all the love and support.... 



Wedding of Rafael e Patricia

Baptism of Patricia and Rafael no rio

Baptism of Deandry

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