Tuesday, August 23, 2016

3 Brazil Adventures

Another week in the books and it was an awesome one. This week I want to focus on the adventures of being a missionary here in Brazil. This week I had three new experiences or adventures that happened.

1. Elder Muller and I were teaching a lesson to a family about the restoration. Mid lesson the grandma of the family walks into the room and greets elder Muller with a huge smooch on the cheek. Of course this means I was receiving a kiss to haha. So I anxiously waited for this ancient grandma to kiss me on the cheek, and she did. I was hilarious. Elder Muller and I just looked at each other and cracked up mid lesson haha. 

2. I experienced my first day of work in the pouring rain. Let me tell you it was brutal. I left my umbrella in a member’s car... so we had nothin to protect ourselves from the pouring rain. Imagine proselyting for 7 hours in a wetsuit full of cold Hebgen Lake water. It was a long day to say the least. But probably the most productive of my missionary career. Also my shoes aren’t water proof so that was also pretty brutal.

3. I experienced something I was hoping would never happen. We were in a baixo (town) called aeroporto going to teach Valdir. Valdir has an insane dog... Usually he has him chained up, but on this day he didn’t. We walked into his front yard and the dog started sprinting at me. For some reason I froze. You could see the fear in my eyes. The dog started chompin at my legs... and I just stood there doing nothing. He probably only was biting me for 10 seconds but it felt like an eternity. The adrenaline rush was real. To my surprise once Valdir pulled the dog off me, I had no bites, blood, or anything on my leg. My pants were barely ripped. A miracle of protection happened cause that dog for sure had rabies.

In other news, I think I’ll have my first baptism this upcoming week with Valdir, and we had 7 investigators at church.

This week was great because we saw a lot of success in our investigators, help from members, my language abilities, and much much more. Being a missionary has its highs and its lows. This week was for sure a high. I’m hoping I can continue to make as much progress as I did this week every week. I know the church is true and through the power of the spirit anything is possible. I miss you all and thank you for all your prayers.


Elder Bodine

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