Monday, August 29, 2016

Basketball and Baptisms

This week had many ups and downs. First off, we had a zone p-day last week, and we played basketball. It was amazing... Brazilians don´t really understand the sport, but I still had an amazing time. Haha the rims were nine feet so I was throwin it down on everybody. I am hoping I get more chances to ball it up. Other things that happened this week: I had my first baptism!!!!!  We baptized Valdir. Let me tell you about Valdir. He is 67 years old, super humble, loves every person and the gospel, and he has two crazy dogs. It is funny... He has a thick accent, and he mumbles most of his words. Sometimes I can only understand one or two words he says per sentence haha. But I love teaching him because he is always so accepting of the gospel and wants to hear more. He always is sitting outside his house waiting for us to come and teach him. It was awesome to have my first baptism. Valdir was so excited and grateful for the wonderful experience. Having one baptism just makes me want to work harder each and every day. We have other investigators preparing for baptism, which is super exciting. I also can't believe that my first transfer in the field is almost over. Man have I learned a lot about the language, gospel, people, and culture. The language is coming slowly. I can understand way more than I can speak, which is super frustrating, but I just need to be patient, have confidence when I talk, and talk as much as possible. Currently, I'm trying to finish the BOM in Portuguese. I love reading the BOM. I think President Hinckley promised us if we read the BOM in a different language by the time we finish we will be fluent. Every day I find personal revelation that helps me get through the day. I encourage you all to find a time to read the BOM daily. It truly will bless your life. Thanks for all the prayers, and know that I pray for you all. The gospel is true. The BOM is the most correct book on this earth. President Thomas S Monson is a prophet today. I love and miss you all.

Elder Bodine

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