Monday, October 24, 2016

First Week in Canela

Transferencias were crazy. I left Erechim super early in the morning and bussed around Rio Grande do Sul for 12 hours. Eventually, late in the night I arrived in my new area... Canela. Canela is about 10 minutes away from Gramado (a super famous touristy city). Canela is so different than my last area. The center of the city is pretty much a small German town. It looks nothing like Brazil. My first day here, I kept wondering is this Brazil or Europe. Zona Gramado is awesome. There is a plethora of things to do on p-day. Amusement parks, snow land, chocolate world, super cars, wax museum, and waterfalls. You name it Gramado and Canela have it. I am stoked to be in such an awesome area with great members, great investigators, and a great companion. My new comp is Elder Robert. He looks like an American and my initial thought was that he was an American... but it turns out he is from Chile (vine del mar). He is super chill, smart and teaches through the spirit. For example, he speaks German, Portuguese, English, and Spanish fluently... but he never speaks English with me. His style is completely different from my last comp so it will take some time adjusting to, but he teaches through the spirit. I am learning a ton about how to follow the whisperings of the spirit. We also live with another dupla... Elder Cerrano of Argentina, and Elder Amorin of Fortaleza. They are awesome, and I can tell we are going to have some great times here in Canela. The language continues to improve everyday. I just need to have more confidence in myself. On Sunday, I gave a talk, and taught a 45 minute lesson on chastity (I don’t think I could teach 40 minutes on chastity in English), so the gift of tongues is real. Canela has an awesome spirit, and I can tell that I am going to have many opportunities to share this gospel. I can’t wait to get to work and find people to share this gospel with. Thanks you for your love support and prayers, and know that this gospel is true.


Elder Bodine

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