Monday, February 6, 2017

Secretario executivo

This week was different to say the least. In reality, it was a total blur. It was Elder Castle and I’s last week of training as the new secretaries of the missão. Now we "know" what we´re supposed to be doing. Haha. I will now give you the low down on what I’m officially in charge of as executive secretary. As executive secretary, I deal with passports, drivers licenses, foreigner identities, and the renewal of all these important documents. We have this giant safe or cofin in Portuguese in the office. I’m the only one with the password... Any mail that gets sent here, I’m in charge of (so now would be a great time to send me letters haha). I buy all the materials of the mission... whether it be pamphlets, BOMs, planejamentos, and many other materials. If you’re leaving or arriving in the mish... I’m the one who will buy your ticket. When missionaries make appointments with health, I’m the one that talks with hospitals, doctors, and farmacies to set up appointments and buy medicine. Any lost, stolen, or broken cell phones, I get to call the company to explain what happened and what we need. I schedule all the times for the missionaries to enter the temple. If you have a reference of a person who lives in the areas of our mission you call me, and I will call the elder in that area to tell the missionaries to visit that person. And last and most important would be fichas or the baptism records. All the baptisms that are performed in the mish, I get to digitize and send to São Paulo (thousands of fichas... muito chato). All in all, there is for sure a work load. I am still adjusting to the office life. I was pretty fed up with the office life when I got an email from a friend who told me how great of an opportunity I have to serve all the missionaries and my area. This friend sent me an excerpt from the Book of Mormon in Helaman 7. In this chapter, Nephi climbs up a tower and prays to the lord how he wishes how the times could be easier. He starts to complain about his circumstances. Then he composes himself and realizes that he has been consigned to those days. The days with much wickedness, trials, and iniquity. But if he continues to complain nothing will end up happening. Let me tell you, I was in the shoes of Nephi this last week. I was complaining and thinking that my work would solely be in the office. But this email changed my perspective. Now I realize that the three hours I get to leave everyday need to be completely focused in serving and finding others to share this gospel with. I have thought a lot about my new designation and truly believe that I will see miracles in the proselyting of my area and in the mission office if I remain worthy, be diligent, and focus on serving others and not myself. All in all, I’m stoked to get out and work in my new area ALA IV. The members are great here, and my comp and I are planning an English class. I think nearly every time we have been on the street some one has asked us if our church has an English class.... so I am thinking this will be the key to success here in the area. Thank you for all your support and prayers, and have and awesome week.


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