Monday, January 30, 2017

Week of Craziness

Was Good my friends/family!?!?!?

Haha remember how the last line of my email last week was pray that everything goes according to plan…. Well let´s just say that is the last time I will end an email with that phrase. This week I want to change it up a little bit and put pictures first and let you enjoy the wildness of my week.

The Crew enjoying p-day at caracol
 Taking in the beautiful view
 When I got the call from president that I was emergency transferred
 Pondering my new life in the mission office
 My new comp Elder Castle and I as the new and best Secretaries of the mish
 President Campos let me head back to canela for the baptisms
 Orildo´s turn next week to be baptized

Well I´m in the missionary office all day (until 6pm) every day. It’s weird being stuck in an air-conditioned office answering phone calls, filling out important visa/passport documents, buying airplane tickets, and much much more. I just love the work aspect of the mission field… Leaving the house every day to knock doors in the heat for hours. Now mission life is more like a job. I´m sure after some time I will get used to the secretary life, but for now it’s pretty brutal. 

One awesome thing about working in the mission office is that in the last week I have talked with president Campos more than I have in 7 months on the mish. He is an awesome president and always knows how to make us laugh. But now I want to talk a little more about my last Sunday in Canela. 

President let me head back to Canela for the 4 baptisms of Andreigina, Kimberly, Elen, and Douglas. It was one of the best days on the mish. Presidente Felipe, president of the branch asked me to give 15 minute talk on whatever I wanted. I was able to give one of my best talks ever without any preparation. The spirit was fosho helpin me out. After my talk, the branch sang God Be with You till we meet again. It was emotional. After sacrament many other miracles happened. Orildo let me know that he was going to get baptized the coming week, and three teenagers we are teaching were trying to get to me stay for their baptisms too. The end of church was super special… I wish I could talk more about every one of our investigators who were baptized, but I don´t have enough time. I was hyped because after church Douglas asked me to baptize him. We are great friends and he is prepping to go on a mission. If all goes right… he will enter the field while I´m here on the mish. Elen is awesome and has a ton of new friends in the branch. Andreigina is one of the sweetest senhoras I have met on the mish and has a powerful testimony. Kimberly was one of the specialist baptisms I have participated in because her whole family has been waiting for her to be baptized and she finally received an answer. Her whole family was crying as she was baptized. 

Overall, it was one of the most rewarding days of my life to watch others follow the example of their savior and be baptized like he was. I know that this church is true, and that every hard day and rejection on the mission is worth it because we will become ever more converted unto Christ and help others see his love. I love this work and I am excited for my new challenges on the mish. Thanks for your prayers and support.


So get this andreigina doesnt know how to read or write but when you are baptized you need to sign your name on the ficha. So the LZ taught her to write at her house and she was able to sign the ficha... incredible story and she was so happy when she learned how to write her name with 73 years of age

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