Monday, June 26, 2017

Nova Transferência

Hello fam and friends... This week was funny. My new comp is Elder W. Santos. He is from Sergipe Brazil and is hilarious. He has 1 year and 6 months on the mish... so I got some more experience with me now.. haha. He is a convert of 4 years and loves to joke around. But he is by far my most diligent comp that I have had yet, so I'm feeling confident that miracles are going to happen this transfer. We had two baptisms prepped for this week of Jennifer and Terezinha. Jennifer fell into temptation in the last moment, and Terezinha is just needing some patience. She is a senhora who has been to the church many times.... She says she has recieved a answer to her prayers and knows it's the church of Christ. But she has a major, I mean major, difficulty of understanding the importance of baptsim. We tried to help her understand the importance of baptism through experiences, scriptures, testimony, and prayer.... but she stayed pretty focused on her idea of the matter. But I know that in a couple weeks she will be on her path to baptism and the celestial kingdom. We are also teaching a teenager named Junior who is awesome. He is a little crazy, but he is super interested and loved church this week. He has been telling us that he has a huge desire to be a missionary... so we are trying to get him on the path to help others. It was funny this week we taught about 8 of his friends who are super religious... We started to teach the restoration but a bible bash started. In the end, it was all chill but they asked me if i could speak some things in 
English... just to hear English. So I bore my testimony in English that I knew the things that we had said were really true, Joseph Smith was a prophet, Jesus Christ is our Savior, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the only perfect church here on this earth. It was one of the coolest experiences of the mish. Testifying in very broken English, the spirit was incredibly satisfying, and it was awesome seeing them feel the spirit through English which they didn't understand. I loved a scripture in Omni 23-25 where it shows the importance of the Book of Mormon. Also, it let me know that I need to dedicate myself completely to this work and glory, through prayer and fast. I know that this transfer will be amazing through the dedication of my comp and me. We have so many goals and plans established to find that family who will stay firm in this gospel and raise a generation to the truthfulness of this gospel... I know this church is true, we are all children of God, he loves and knows us, Christ is our perfect brother, Joseph Smith is a prophet of the Lord, and families are forever. Thanks for all the love and prayers.


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