Monday, June 19, 2017


Haha the news is in..... and I am not being transferred. I will be staying a little more time in Taquara. My comp, Elder Pena, is heading to Passo Fundo (an awesome zone where the members are amazing), where he will have lots of success. Overall, I dont have much to report on this week other than we are preparing some awesome people for baptism. We are teaching a woman named Elizangela, who is awesome and wants to be baptized so bad... but first she needs to seperate or get married to her boyfriend. She is so awesome that she invites friends to church with her. So now we have a pool of people who want to be baptized because of her invitations. Two of these people are Robson and Jennifer. Jennifer said it is her dream to be baptized so we will work with her to get her on the strait and narrow path. We were also working in one of the sketchy bairros this weeek when a teenager called us over and said, "What's up mormons?" He then proceeded to teach us all about mormonism... it was pretty classic. But he really wants to investigate the church so let's see if we can get him to go to church next week. Also, we got a reference from the other missionaries of a women named Susana. We went and taught her the restoration, and she cried throughout the message. She explained how her life was not easy. But this message brought her peace and comfort. Being a missionary is awesome!!! Everyday I can see improvement in myself and miracles. Thanks for all your support and prayers... I hope and pray all is well with you guys... 


Taquara sunrises

My two comps that i trained Elder Pena e Soares... Pretty simlar if you ask me
So happy 

Brazilian churchs... translates to Ball of snow shurch (we are a ball of snow) There pulpit is a surfboard...

Zone t-shirt

Our branch's mission leader

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