Monday, August 7, 2017


A new week, a new area, a new comp, a new house, members, city, and so much more. Let me tell you this week passed by slowly. I've never been so lost in so many times and so many places in my life. I literally felt like I was in a Jason Bourne movie.... alley ways and houses on houses... the area is nuts. Plus, my comp, who has one transfer in the area, is super horrible with directions so... that hasn't been too helpful either. BTW, my new comp is known as Will Smith here on the mish because he is a copy of a young skinny Will Smith. His name is Elder Fernandes... a little bipolar, but I'm learning to work with him. The new area, Parque dos Maias, is legit. The members are super awesome and are willing to work with the missionaries. There are 220 active members and 1800 inactive in the area... the bishop wants us to divide the ward so we willl be working a lot with inactives and referrals  This week was full of highlights:
This week, I was in the street when a car pulled up at our side... I thought we would be assaulted, but one of my bffs who already went home hopped out of the car and gave me the biggest hug... haha Elder Manqueo is the best....
We helped out in a Mormon helping hands project where we spent 3 hours giving out flyers to people on the streets of Alvorada... lol I was hoping for a service project where we would change things up a little but handing out flyers to strangers is always great.
We got an awesome reference from a member's son who took us to his best friend's house. We met his friend Kiu, and he started to give us some of the most inspired questions... he is 11. Also, he completely understood our lesson. Let me tell you, the majority of Brazilians have the hardest time understanding the importance of the restoration, but he knew right off the bat. He was also was at church which was great!
We found a 20 year old named Nicolas who had met with the missionaries but never received an answer. We taught the first lesson and invited him to pray and ask God on his knees.. when he finished the prayer he got up and the tears flowed... super spiritual... he received his answer.
Lastly, we taught another couple at 8:55 on Sunday after knocking doors for so long I almost gave up, but my comp decided to knock one more door... and we found an amazing couple and son of 9 years who loved our message and cried when I repeated Joseph's description of the first vision... 
Overall, a lot went down, and I know there are so many experiences waiting me here for me in Porto Alegre. We were talking a lot about goals this week in our zone and found one of the only scriptures that talks about goals in the old testament... Samuel 3:10... really it is a great scripture to ponder and reflect. I dont' have much time this week to get too spiritual on the email but hope that my next can be more edfiying. Thanks for the love and support and prayers


p-day paradise

river baptism

division with Elder Silva

new area... Elder Soua and my comp studying in the background

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