Thursday, August 24, 2017

Hey Family

This week flew by. This week I started my study of the Doctrine and Covenants, and I’m super stoked to get into a deep study of the revelations of the church. Verse 26 of the first section showed me that we first need to search for wisdom to be instructed. Revelation comes to those who search, study, pray, and work to do God’s will. Section 4 is our mission scripture that we repeat at all the meetings on the mish. Verses 22 and 35 of Section 5 show that obedience is the first law of the heavens and will get us to eternal life. Everyday I’m learning that the Doctrine and Covenants is an inspired scripture in these modern days. I’m loving every minute of study!

This week had many miracles. My comp and I are going to work visiting inactives, members, investigators, and asking anyone for referrals. One of the miracles of this week was Junior. Junior is the son of a recent convert couple. He is 31, super chill, and smart. His mom told me that he is pretty timid and never had had much interest in the church/God. I told her to invite him to our next lunch in her house. When we had lunch with Irma Maria, Junior was waiting to eat with us. We broke the ice and invited him to hear a message. He accepted, and he told us how he never believed in God up until 2 weeks ago.  Two weeks ago, his best friend was killed in the streets. He told us that he would do anything to help his friend be forgiven and return to God’s presence. So we promised him we’d help him. After 2 weeks of constant preparation, Junior was ready to be baptized. When we thought he was ready to be baptized, opposition did everything in his power to prevent his baptism. Junior’s friends tried convincing him that the church is crazy, he woke up with a horrible back pain, and lastly, his dad did not want him to get baptized. His dad, who is a member, didn’t think he was prepared enough to be baptized, but luckily, Junior stayed firm and was baptized in the end. Elder Fernandes and I both needed to get in the water to baptize him. He cried so much when his dad gave him a huge hug after the baptism. Made all the work worth it.

The other week, I shared a scripture about setting goals in the Old Testament. Right after I sent the email, I realized that the scripture had noda ver or nothing to do with goals. But in Job 22:28, we learn that if we decree or declare a goal unto the Lord, his light will guide us to achieve this goal. On the mish, I have many goals, personal, companionship, ward, district, zone, and mission. I know that if we are obedient, exert faith, and trust in the Lord, we will be guided to the achievement of these goals and progress to the greater goal of eternal life. I know these things are true. I love the Gospel and being a missionary.


Junior's baptismi
I'm enjoying the double bubble that my mom sent me

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