Monday, August 14, 2017

Many miracles!

This week was a week of many miracles... Whether it was finding a family who recently moved but were prepping to get baptized on the street, to working with recent converts to find prepared people. This week was awesome and I'm loving the new area. So many miracles... Literally, where ever we go, we find people to teach. My comp and I have been focusing a lot on talking with everyone... we made it a goal to talk to 30 people a day. Haha let me tell you we have had some crazy conversations. Whether it was conversing with a Korean in broken Portuguese and English about his church, or trying to help old ladies carry groceries in the street... we tried to let everyone know our purpose. It was supreme. ahha. This week I had a realization that I really can't be sad... because I have knowledge of the restored gospel. With that in mind, I made a constant effort to smile... let me tell you as jolly as i might be, that was a challenge. But it was amazing becuase in church on Sunday, 2 of the speakers referenced me for being so happy and sharing messages with them that helped them have a stronger testimony... That made my week and the extra effort all worth it. I loved a scripture in 3 Nephi 20 that showed me what can happen after partaking of the sacrament. In verses 8 and 9, we learn that the Nephites were filled with the spirit after they partook of the sacrament. It made me think when was the last time I was filled with the spirit after the sacrament. I had the opportunity to really prepare for the sacrament and what a difference it did make. I know that the sacrament is the most important meeting of the church. I know that Christ loves us. That He lives and that he really wants us to live so that we can return to his presence one day. I love you all and thank you for your love and support...


I wish I could tell more stories but I'm out of time. many mircles await. have faith and do works.

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