Monday, October 30, 2017

100% Worth It

This week is done and a new transfer has started. My fave comp Elder Rocha Neto parted ways and left for São Leopoldo. I’ll miss the dude. He tried to get President to leave him one more in Santa Cruz, but it didn’t work out. My new comp arrived on Tuesday night. His name is Elder Queiroz from the Bahia. He is 25 years old and six months on the mish. He is super serious, but funny at the same time. Should be a solid transfer with him.

Well this week I was thinking about what could be my spiritual focus. On the mish, I have come to know that obedience is the first rule of the heavens. To obey God, we must do his will. On the mish, obedience in all aspects of our work/life brings numerous blessings. (Doctrine and Covenants 130:20-21) One thing I have noticed on the mish is that there exist those who love to be obedient and those who are obedient with negative attitudes, thoughts and actions. Everyday I strive to love being obedient. Sometimes it’s not easy, but I have learned that obedience is always worth it. Many rich blessings I have seen in my and other’s missions have occurred because of obedience. Strive to be obedient and miracles will happen.

This week was rather slow in the Santa Cruz. But there were some highlights. We were knocking doors (not my fave activity) when we started to talk with an old man. First thing he said was, “I’m catholic.” Shocker. I thought for sure he would reject us, but he let us in so we started to teach. By the end of the lesson, he was in tears and told us his spiritual eyes had been opened. After Sunday when he didn’t show up to church, we decided to pay him a visit. When we arrived at his house, he gave us a hug and told us sorry about 10 times that he didn’t show up to church. He had had a family health emergency and couldn’t attend. At first I thought he was just making excuses, but then he showed us how he was in the pages of 2 Nephi. He began to describe details of Lehi and his family, Lehi’s dream and the tree of life, and the church of the devil. I literally was in shock. Never had I seen a 72 year old catholic with so much interest in the Book of Mormon. Overall, fantastic experience.

Also, the cousin of Deonaton, Sabrina, was baptized. There was a lot of opposition for her not to be baptized, but she followed firmly trusting in the Lord. Her baptism was great, and Deonaton received the Gift of the Holy Ghost. Deonaton has an incredible light to him. Moments like these make every difficulty, trial, slammed door, unslept night, hot day and non stop rain kind of moments worth it. Thank you for your love and support and prayers. Know that every missionary moment is absolutely 100% worth it. The Gospel is true, and we gotta learn and love it.

Love y’all, Dave

Sabrina's baptism

 baptisms of the ward

Morning run destination

model shot 

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