Monday, November 6, 2017

His Hand is Stretched Out Still

Another week down and out in the Cruz. This week flew by. We had meetings in Porto Alegre, so we lost a couple of days in the area. But overall super edifying week. I don’t know about other missions, but here in Porto Alegre Norte, every single house that I’ve passed through always has a stack of at least 100 Ensigns/Liahonas. This week, I was looking through the magazines, and I found a General Conference Ensign from 1976. Man are the talks awesome. There were 2 that I read that really stood out to me.  The first is called “There is the Light” by John Groberg. Man I love John Groberg because of his captivating stores of his mission in the Pacific Islands. In this talk, he shares an experience of a trip he made with a sick missionary to a main island. On their small boat with 7 people, they sailed into a storm in hopes to arrive at the main island hospital. With no sign of light or direction, the passengers began to panic and quickly lost hope of arriving to the main island in one piece. In a moment of chaos, hysteria and darkness, Elder Groberg looked to the captain who calmly took control of the situation. Without fear, he scanned the horizon looking for the light. As others panicked, the captain said, “Ko e Maama e (There is the light).” Although Elder Groberg couldn’t see the light, he believed in the captain’s words because Elder Groberg knew of the captain’s experience, wisdom and perfect sight. Although we might have experiences and vision, there will always be leaders who have more sight. Elder Groberg lets us know that no matter the trial or spiritual storm, the prophets will show us the road to our destination of light and happiness. I know that the leaders of our church are definitely chosen to show us the way to the Celestial Kingdom. Study their teachings, and trust in them and all will be well. I also loved Gordon B. Hinckley’s talk entitled, “Everything to gain - Nothing to lose.” Here in Brazil, as a missionary, I have the privilege to see many come unto Christ, being baptized, and become members of this true church. Unfortunately not all exert themselves to gain testimonies, or get offended, or face trials, which result in becoming less active in the church. In Pres. Hinckley’s talk, he invites all members inactive to come back. He claims that they will be welcomed with open arms, and that literally, they have absolutely nothing to lose and only many blessings to gain. He promises peace, knowledge, love and forgiveness for all those who need to be welcomed back. This talk gave me much hope for those who have stepped away from God’s gospel. I truly believe and know that there are many waiting for those less actives to rejoin with more happiness and spirit than ever. Truly they have nothing to lose, only bencaos (blessings) to gain.

The week was a little slow, but we had the wonderful baptism of Nelci, mother of our recent convert Alberth. It was awesome to see them both so happy with the baptism. They are an awesome fam and want to invite everyone in the fam to let us teach them. Also, Helena, our other recent convert, testified of the miracles of her baptism and her desire to have an eternal family. She closed her testimony with the words “I baptized my son and now he baptized me.” This struck me so let me explain. Helena baptized her son in the Catholic Church, and her son, Bruno, who has been the only member in his family and is preppin for the mish, baptized Helena in October with the authority and power of the priesthood. After Helena bore her testimony, Bruno testified of his daily choice to stay strong and never give up on God’s eternal plan. No matter the difficulty, trial, or burden you are passing, never give up!! Your leaders and prophet will guide you and even if you feel as all is lost, you’ve given up, or the darkness has no escape, many extend their hands to pull you out of your misery. Christ extends his hand always; we just need to accept it. I know these things are true. Families are forever. Christ’s hand is stretched out still!

Love, Dave

Batismo de Nelci
Sunday lunch churrasco e pudim sorvete

Farmer's tan
because every missionary needs to have a graffiti photo

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