Monday, November 13, 2017

21 and Noite Americana!

I can’t believe that I’ve passed for two birthdays on the mish. Man time flies. It feels like yesterday that I was in Canela celebrating my 20th birthday. But, now one year after, I’m here in Santa Cruz celebrating 21. Nero (Right) haha! Well, this birthday was a normal day in the life of a missionary. I went for a run at 6 with my Argentinian/German running buddy, and when I got back, my comp and his comp had a cake, balloons, signs and hats waiting for me. It was a great little surprise to start off the day. Once again, I tried to focus on others rather than myself on my birthday. I found an article the other day that teaches of the importance of seeking out miracles. On the mission when I am constantly searching out miracles, there is no way I can be depressed, distraught, or unfocused. When we search out miracles, we will find them and crave more. I witnessed many miracles on my birthday. And now, I have created a daily goal to find or see or witness a miracle in my life or in the lives of others. I have begun to write down the miracle of the day, and I’m loving it.  Overall, it is great to be 21, and I’m loving the mission everyday.

The highlight of the week was Noite Americana. Man what a crazy night. We spent the week setting up decorations, making video invites on Facebook, visiting members to invite friends, and get in the American spirit. A member here runs an English school and loaned us a ton of decorations so it turned out great. We had over 110 people at the event. We separated the members into 3 teams…Red, White and Blue. Each team participated in activities, competitions and more. Blue team, my team, started off in the front, but we finished off weak. The highlights from the activity were the over 20 non members at the activity, me giving a message in broken English, ice cold apple bob and 350 chocolate chip cookies. I made 6 batches of my mom’s famous recipe and baked cookies for 5 hours. They were a hit! My fav part of the activity was when I announced the teams in a WWE voice over the mike. Turned out sweet. We finished the night off by announcing our English class. Everyone turned out super stoked to have a free English class again in the Branch. Overall, I highly suggest doing an American night. We got the members super excited, met non-members, and had super fun. By far best activity I have participated in.

Overall, I’m grateful to be a missionary and to serve in such a friendly, receptive, loving, and happy place. I love the Lord, his gospel, and to be a missionary. Have an amazing week searching for miracles.
Love, Dave

District photos

Downtown Santa Cruz photos

21st b-day suprise... only blurry photos

American Night!

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