Monday, November 27, 2017


Today my letter is going to be on the joy of being a missionary. Every single day at least one Brazilian asks me, “Why did you leave the USA to come to Brazil?” always with a face of  “This American is crazy.” Every time I have the opportunity to bearing testimony and share how I love this gospel and love sharing with others. I love Doctrine and Covenants 28:16 which states that in all moments one must declare this gospel with a rejoicing voice. People ask me, and I am sure people think, “How can 2 years separated from your family, friends, country, hobbies, and so much more be fun or a time of such pleasure?”  I have found that when I forget about these things and forget about myself, I am better focused on those who need this gospel. There is no feeling better than a recent convert bearing their testimony, seeing a light in a person who was surrounded so thickly by the darkness, or who finally knows that they can be eternal. These moments are priceless, these moments make the mission joyous (joyful), and these moments make me see change in others and also in me. For sure, the most astounding thing the mission has done for me is make me into a better servant of Christ and holder of the priesthood. I love placing my name in section 31 of the Doctrine and Covenants.  Verse 3 always hits me, Lift up your heart and rejoice, your mission has come and you will announce the good news of great joy to the people of Brazil. Overall, the week was great. I found myself laughing a lot. Whether it was a pancake party with Bira and family, exercising on a sketchy bridge in the pouring rain, or teaching 20 students in our English class, I found myself laughing with a smile and happy as a missionary. This week had some downs, but we were always finding the positives.  One of my fave moments of the week was participating in the choir for the Stake Conference. Man the spirit was strong as we sang oh how wonderful was the morning. Our 7 investigators enjoyed the music and the messages.  Be happy, be a light, find joy in every waking moment.

 Sacolé.... On the streets of Brasil, people sell sacolé which is a popsicle in a bag.... decided to make 100 in house of the flavors: avocado, mango, grape, chocolate, chocolate peanutbutter, papaiya, orange, and strawberry.... Peanutbutter was the crowd pleaser... 

Apple crisp to celebrate Thanksgiving

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