Monday, November 7, 2016

Remember Your Name


Time is flying by in Canela.  I can’t believe we’re already half way through the transfer.  It’s been hard finding investigators because Canela is one of the biggest tourist towns in the south of Brazil.  So everybody works on Sunday during church.  But despite this setback, we have found some awesome people to teach.  First off, Noeo and his dad are awesome. Noeo’s mom is an inactive member, and they have been loving our lessons.  Noeo came to church this week in a giant suit. (He is hilarious.  He has a ton of energy and personality.  He is pretty much a 25 year old comedian in a 9 year old body.  We have set his baptism for this Saturday, and we are working with his dad to overcome his smoking and drinking problems.  Another couple we are teaching is Mateus and Paula.   They love the Book of Mormon and miraculously don’t work on Sundays.  So we will keep teaching and working with them to go to church and prepare to be baptized.  Another woman we’re teaching promised us churrasco, so I’m stoked about that.

There were many spiritual experiences during the week.  The most powerful happened during personal study.  I was reading Helaman 5, which is an awesome chapter (you should all read it).  Verses 5-9 stuck out to me.  Context – Helaman is speaking to his sons, Lehi and Nephi, about the origins of their names.  Helaman tells his sons to always remember your name and who you represent.  DAVID Hart Bodine.  My name represents my uncle, mom’s side of the family, and dad’s side of the family.  When I think upon these names and these people, I remember their works, their example, and their legacy.  In my name, I find motivation to work one more day, talk to one more person, and to pour out my soul testifying of Christ.  Helaman tells his sons to live up to their ancestors’ legacy so that one day Nephi and Lehi’s posterity will think so highly of them.  Helaman also says to create a legacy in the perspective o f the eternal goal of a life with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families for eternity.  Don’t create a legacy to boast, and always remember that the only way you can obtain this goal/legacy is through Christ.  This week ponder these questions.  What is my name?  Who do I represent?  What is their legacy?  And how can I create my legacy?  Always remember that you represent your family and Christ in all things that you do.  I love this gospel, and the opportunity to represent my family and Christ, sharing this gospel with the people of Brazil!

Elder Bodine

P.S.  This week, I made brownies almost every night for my comp, housemates and members of our Branch.  Everyone is obsessed with Americans here, so I’m trying my best to represent my country!  U.S.A.!!!

The Zone at Gramado

The Enemy

The Enemy at night

Birthday Jerky from Grandpa and Grandma Hart

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