Monday, January 23, 2017

Planning is everything

Ba tchê another week in the books. I can´t believe how fast my time is passing on the mission. I have really noticed that when I’m working hard... I lose track of time. This week was another busy week of work. Taught more lessons then last week, found more new people to teach, and had 7 people at church on Sunday.... so to say the least I´m really happy. I won’t give away to many details of what will happen next week, but I’m excited to say the least. One thing I have noticed on the mish is that planning means everything. We have been focusing on improving our planning. I have noticed a huge difference in our success of finding people to teach, and teaching through the spirit. My gramps always tells me to be prepared and organized in everything. This advice is huge on the mish and in life. My companion Elder Soares has really helped me see the importance of being prepared... Hopefully we will see the results in the next coming weeks. All in all, be prepared in all things. This week some funny moments include leaving an investigator’s house and hitting my head on their gate in the front of their house. As I was leaving, I turned to say good bye, and when I turned around, boom hit my head on the gate. Haha There was a huge crowd outside of their house so everyone had a nice laugh including me. Also huge news.... yesterday I ate burgers... like legit burgers from the US, but with a twist. The buns were garlic bread. I highly suggest testing this out. The burgers were bomb. 

I want you all to know that Christ lives, he is our savior, redeemer, and king. Planning is everything, whether it be work, family, or church. A prayer is a simple yet powerful way to figure everything out. In one amazing lesson we had this week, an investigator shared that the best way to escape any temptations, trial, or difficulty, is to pray and think about a place that brings you to the light. My challenge for you this week is to think about that place that brings you to the light (or happiness). Thanks for all your prayers and support.... Pray that my week all goes according to plans.


Gramado LZ and LD reppin the white tie for district meeting

New fave tie

When a sister gives you a giant bag of skinny pop

planejamento (planning is important)

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