Monday, January 16, 2017

Zona Unida

January 16, 2017

Oi! I’m stoked to tell you about my week. A new transfer started the new year, and our zone is hyped to put in work haha. So hyped that we created a zone motto – Zona Unida. By far this was one of my hardest working weeks on the mission. We worked in new neighborhoods, talked with everyone, and planned diligently. It was the first time on the mish that my comp and I have taught over 50 lessons in a week. Because of our hard work, the miracles came in full. This week we opened a bairro called Santa Marta. It is by far the most receptive and accepting neighborhood I’ve worked in here in Canela. Wednesday we had put in a full day of work, we were tired and were prepping to walk an hour back to the house. We were leaving Santa Marta, when we passed an open door. At first, I thought nothing of it, but then about 20 steps later…I knew we had to return to that house, so we did. I clapped and this 70 year old woman came to the door with the biggest smile. She practically forced us in her house and explained how last year she had the missionaries in her house. She explained a dream she had, and how she knew our church was the only true church of “Jesus Cristo.” She is so excited to be baptized February 5th and even took a bus alone to get to church 30 minutes early. Andreigina truly was a miracle.

Another miracle happened last night. Douglas, who is now a super good friend of mine, finally accepted a date to be baptized. During the week, he told us that the weeks he missed church or days where he didn’t read the Book of Mormon, he felt annoyed, perturbed, and a lack of peace in his life. He also told us that he feels something unexplainable when he reads the Book of Mormon. I’m beyond stoked for him to follow the answer to his prayers and be baptized. He is super smart, hard working, and has a testimony of this Gospel. Many other miracles happened this week, but these were my two favorite. Another important teaching I learned in the Book of Mormon this week is that we need to thank for everything. In 3 Nephi 19, Jesus teaches the Nephites to always pray. 3 times in this chapter, Jesus reverently departs those he is teaching to say a prayer of gratitude for the Nephites faithfulness. (3 Nephi 19:20-23, 28-29, 32-34) To see the power of thanking in a prayer just look at verse 25…This week I made sure to thank my Heavenly Father for all these miracles and hardships. I thank you all for your support and prayers and encourage you all to pray and pour your heart out in thankfulness. This gospel is life changing, Christ is our everlasting King, and all we have is because of him and our Father in Heaven.

Love, Dave

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