Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Curve Ball

This week was quite the opposite of last week... Haha it’s funny how you always get into a flow with your comp, area, language, members, and investigators, but you always get thrown a curveball that shakes you up. This week, the curve ball was a second companion, Elder Nogeira, who can´t walk. So, yes, he is stuck in a wheel chair, and yes, that made teaching and proselyting extremely difficult, but we still saw the Lord´s hand in our work and several miracles. 

First off, last Sunday, I got a call from an investigator in Canela. It was Orildo, and he excitedly told me that he had been baptized and confirmed. I was so pumped for him because I had come to love his dear family. Now, Orildo and his wife will prepare to be sealed in the temple with their daughter and son. It was so great hearing this news and getting to chat with him about his wonderful testimony of this gospel. This week was also awesome because we had the amazing opportunity to hear from a member of the 70, Elder Aidukaitis, a member of the presidency of the 70, Elder Robbins, and apostle Elder D. Todd Christofferson. I loved the messages that they shared with us, and the spirit that our mission felt as they testified of Christ. Some of the teachings that really touched me were:
·         The Mission is a privilege not a sacrifice. (Elder Aidukaitis)
·         Studying the Book of Mormon will always make us more converted in this gospel (Elder Aidukaitis)
·         Mission = Blessing (for yourself, family, friends, and the people you serve) (Sister Robbins)
·         Prophets/Apostles are seers, they look around the corners to help prepare the church for the future and what God has planned for us  (Elder Robbins)
·         Diligence is continuing in failure without losing enthusiasm (Elder Robbins)
·         Christ lets us take the test over and over again always giving forgiveness when repent with real intent. (Elder Robbins)
·         Personal study/study of the scriptures is the most important part of our missionary day – brings the spirit into our lives and prepares us for miracles (Sister Christofferson)
·         We were called to our missions to learn with our mission president and his wife
o   Always observe how they act and treat others (Elder Christofferson)
·         The Lord loves everyone, but he doesn´t trust everyone (Elder Christofferson)
·         Rely on Christ´s infinite atonement mercy and grace (Elder Christofferson)
·         We are offering the celestial kingdom to the people we teach (Elder Christofferson)

To say the least I learned a lot in this special meeting, and many doubts that I had were responded to. Also, he left some super cool promises and blessing with our mission. The next day we had a stake meeting with Elder Christofferson again. This meeting was amazing. The spirit was powerful and all the speakers gave awesome talks. I´ll be brief here cause this email is already huge. Elder Christofferson did a quick recap of all the talks and told us that every Sunday is a sacred experience (sacrament), this church is a unity of loving service, we have to forgive everyone and Heavenly Father will do the judging. He ended his talk with explaining why we need apostles in these modern days… He gave three reasons:

1.       Feed his sheep with the teachings of our Savior, renewing the testimonies of all, and bringing the spirit into their lives.
2.       Preach the gospel to all of this world (all missionaries)
3.       Be a witness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ

After that last point, he bore the most powerful testimony of the importance of Christ´s resurrection. He told us that without the resurrection of Christ, Christ would have been just a normal man. But because of his resurrection, we can know that we will all be resurrected, that Christ´s atonement is infinite and all can partake in the joy of true repentance, and that Satan can have no power over us. He told us that the resurrection of Christ makes all the difference in God´s eternal and perfect plan. He then blessed Brazil and said that many good things are to come here. Overall, an amazing talk and huge testimony builder of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. After the meeting, he let the congregation of over a thousand people come and shake his hand. Our four investigators at the meeting all had the chance to shake the hand of Elder Christofferson… We watched as Enrique went up and took his turn to shake his hand. 

He then proceeded to have a conversation for a good minute with Elder Christofferson in English… Well, turns out Enrique is pretty dang smart. Haha. Overall, an amazing week. I wish I could write about my adventures at the policia federal and how two Mexican missionaries here almost got sent to São Paulo, but we resolved everything in the last second.  Crazy times here in Porto Alegre. Thanks for all the prayers and support and know that I know that this is the true church of Christ restored on this earth lead by prophets, seers and revelators. Have an amazing week


With Orildo before I left Canela

Orildo's Baptism in Canela

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