Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Uneventful Week

YOOOOO fam. This week was pretty dang uneventful. Hah. Let me think about what went down. We had some great lessons with Enrique and Michelle, Ilomar and Joel, and some other teenagers including my best bud Vanderson. In one of our lessons with Enirque, we watched the Joseph Smith film (in english oddly), and then after we just reflected. It was awesome hearing my comp's and Enrique's insights about our beloved prophet Joseph Smith. What really stood out to me in the film was how everyone doubted Joseph and his first vision, but he knew that God knew it so he couldn't deny it. I´m so excited for this general conference. I encourage you all to take a profound question that you have been pondering about to conference. I know that you will recieve an answer. This week is going to be quite crazy with transfers, tons of meetings, and foreigners to take to the Policia Federal, but the mission is amazing cause every week I have unforgettable spiritual and learning experiences. I'm beyond excited to head for the temple this week and like I said before hear from our beloved prophet and other leaders of this true church. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet of God who restored the church of Christ on the earth. Today, we are wonderfully blessed to be lead by a prophet of God and 12 apostles  All of which are worthy and able to recieve revelation for this church. I love the opportunity to serve others here in Brazil and can´t wait for another amazing transfer. Thanks for all the love and support.


Highlight of the week was when our investigator Enrique saw that he made the apostles facebook page. Haha love this photo cause you can really see the light of Christ in his eyes

Inline image 1

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