Tuesday, March 7, 2017


First off let me say, I broke the streak of weekly emails... but it’s all good cause the last two weeks have been pretty awesome. I have been noticing that time management is key when you are working in the mission office. It has really taught me that every second of proselyting is precious. I´ve also noticed that I go out to preach the gospel ever more focused and dedicated to find the Lord´s children. Despite the lack of time to proselyte, Elder Castle and I have seen many miracles these last couple weeks. On Sunday, we had 3 surprise investigators at church. One was a friend of a member, and the other was a father/son combo, who had heard about the church from a family member. We were able to meet with them after church and learn that all three are super prepared and willing to be members of this church. Ezequiel has already read all of the Book of Mormon and been to church numerous times. The Father / son combo loved the church meeting and can’t wait to have us back in their house to share a message. Overall, I am super grateful that Heavenly Father presented these three wonderfully prepared people to us with very little work. We also got the chance to work in our area a couple times this week. I got to leave with Elder Maciel, who was once executive secretary of the mish, to visit his recent converts. We went to this sweet area where we found a 16 year old kid named Vanderson, a convert of Elder Maciel. We shared an awesome message with him and invited him back to church and after he was like... so we gonna go visit my friends... So then he proceeded to take us to all his friends in the neighborhood... Haha it was classic. This Vanderson is a clown. We would show up at his friends’ house, and he would be like, "yo these caras are here to share a message about god" This dude came all the way from California just to talk to you. He was surprisingly super good at making contacts, and it was super fun interacting with his friends. haha we found 10 or 12 of his friends to teach. Overall, awesome divisão. I was studying in Ether 12 when I came across verses 3 and 4. It helped me realize my purpose and my potential on the mish. Preaching repentance from sun up to sun down to all people. I also love how Ether describes hope in verse 4. He tells us that hope comes through faith and is the anchor for our souls. We all need to hope for the best. But not just hope but act, and God will provide. I know this gospel is true, and that the Book of Mormon is the word of God and another testament of Jesus Christ. I love you all and thank you for your wonderful love, prayers, and support.


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