Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mormon 9

This week was awesome.... We didn´t have a ton of stuff to do in the escritorio, and we had lessons planned for every day. All I got to say is that the Lord is looking out for us. This week I´ll start out with a pretty depressing but funny story. In the escritorio, president has these giant white boards in his office where he has a giant map of the mission with all the missionaries. Each missionary has a refrigerator magnet with name, birthday, and hometown. As secretary, I get to create these magnets. I was pretty stocked cause I was thinking about how I have the power to change the photo on my magnet. So I went and took some pictures, and I was like alright, ok, this pic is WAY better. Then I plugged it into the system, and it ended up looking almost identical to the photo I took over a year ago… Haha good times.

Now let’s move on to the miracle of the week. Last Tuesday, I got a call from a sister in our mission (completely normal). She explained she had a referral to pass to me. Referrals are another one of my responsibilities. But as she started to talk about this person, strangely, something felt different. I felt like I knew that he was going to be our investigator. Sure enough she told us his name, Enrique, number, and address, and when I went to put it into the computer his apartment popped up in our area. I was stoked cause she told us he was the nephew of one of the counselors of the mission, and that we needed to teach him ASAP. So I called him up, and we scheduled a palestra the very next day. We got to his apartment, and when he opened the front door, I was greeted with a surprise. Haha let’s just say I didn’t expect him to be the way he is. We went up to his house to find his mom who was also very interested to hear a message. We chatted with him to get to know him and why he wanted to hear our message. We then dived in to teaching the restoration. As we taught, I could feel the spirit enter the room. By the end of the lesson, we invited him to pray/read the Book of Mormon, and he was like… I already know what your saying is 100 percent true. We invited him to be baptized and he said, “Seria bacana” or in my English translation, “that´d be dope”. It was pretty funny. After the prayer, we got up to leave and he was like.. wait where are you guys going. Turns out he wanted us to teach all the lessons for him in the same night, but it was already 9 so we had to leave. He showed up at church on Sunday, walking 20 minutes in the pouring rain. He said he felt at peace at church and that he was excited to be baptized and continue returning to church each Sunday. He also said he felt as though he needed to serve a mission. Pretty sweet if you ask me. There were many other miracles this week as we saw Ezequiel progress and claim that he was committed to being baptized. Elomar, his wife, and their son Joel, all loved our messages and said that they had found the church they are going to stay with. We also found and taught other people that I hope and pray will progress.

This week I was studying in Mormon 9, and I noticed a couple things that I really like. First off, I love the last chapters of prophets in the Book of Mormon. Whether it be 2 Nephi 32-33 or Mormon 9, the final testimonies of prophets in the Book of Mormon or in these latter days are an amazing study tool. They testify so boldly of Christ and the things that we truly need to hear. I love in chapter nine how Moroni tells us how God has not stopped to be a God of miracles. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, the same God that talked with Abraham and other prophets of the Old Testament (11). The chapter teaches us of the plan of happiness that God created for us and how God desires to show us miracles in our lives. On the mish I have seen many small miracles happen that have built my testimony of this gospel. I have tried to take and apply Moroni´s advice in verse 21, which says to believe in Christ without doubt. If we can do this, the Lord will grant unto us what we need. I also love verse 29 and how we can learn that we need to always be worthy to partake of the sacrament and be worthy in all aspects of our life. But the part of this chapter, which hit me the hardest, was verse 31. I read it, and my jaw kinda dropped. Moroni tells us that instead of being critical of his and his father’s weakness and shortcomings, which were few, we should observe them and use them to become better than they once were. After I read that, I thought how can I be wiser or more righteous than a prophet of God?? Then after pondering and prayer, I realized that I don´t need to be better than they once were, but really I need to improve myself. This verse helped me see that even prophets of god have shortcomings. And how Moroni was willing to humbly admit to these shortcomings for the better sake of himself and all those who would read this amazing book. I know I have shortcomings and weaknesses, but as I observe them, believe in Christ, and use his divine atonement, I can be more prepared to see miracles in my life and prepare myself to return to their presence. I know this gospel is true. I know miracles happen. I know I am in the best place I can possibly be right now to come unto Christ. Thank you for your love and prayers and have an awesome week


Exact same thing after a year.

Had no idea blockbuster still exists...

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