Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!!!

This week I learned a lot about faith. I’ve learned on the mish of the importance of putting our faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and trusting them. They know what’s best for us so we really can’t lose when we believe and follow them. This week, I witnessed countless blessings come from demonstrating faith. As I have been studying this principle, my eyes have been spiritually opened. I love the section, Pray with Faith, in Preach my Gospel. I love Gordon B. Hinckley’s words as he invites missionaries to fervently pray to bless the families/people we teach. And if we do so a view of light will be brought into their eyes, they will see we are Heavenly Father’s servants, and respond under the influence of the sprit. I took up Gordon’s challenge and saw marvelous results. My comp and I found numerous people to teach and several families who really seemed interested. We found a family of 5 who had received the missionaries 14 years ago and showed us their old Book of Mormon. I asked if they had completed the invitation to pray about the things the missionaries had taught. They replied, “No,” but we invited them to pray again and be baptized like our Savior. They all accepted. As we left, their youngest boy, Pedro, asked if he could give a prayer. As he started, his words stumbled but then his mom began to whisper words into his ears. When he finished the prayer, I opened my eyes to see the two parents and three boys with huge smiles. It was a sweet experience. The other experience that has built my faith happened yesterday. Here in Rio Grande do Sul, Sundays aren’t the most effective days to work, cause everybody is with visitors, sleeping, or partying. Holidays don’t help either. With Easter in full swing in the 7th Day Adventist community, nobody was letting us teach. At about 7:00 pm, I felt guided to say a prayer with my comp. I prayed for the Lord to guide us and I knew he would put us in the right place. After the prayer, I felt that I needed to let my comp find who we needed to teach. I remained in silence as I let him guide us through the spirit. We finally got to a house after many twists and turns, and my comp clapped at the door. An old man came out and willingly let us in. My comp, who has two weeks on the mish and is American, gave a powerful lesson on the gospel of Christ. As we taught the old man and his family, the spirit filled the room. They accepted all our invitations and asked us to come back ASAP. As I left the house I thanked my Heavenly Father for increasing my faith. I encourage you all to read Hebrews 11 and Ether 12. Both chapters have helped me comprehend and understand a little more the deep power of faith. Trust in the Lord. He knows and loves each and every one of you. Thanks for all the love, support and prayers.



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