Monday, April 3, 2017

Transfers, Conference and Baptism

This week was crazy. As I mentioned last week, there were a ton of meetings. Literally all the meetings that are in a mission has happened this past week. So we were busy beyond belief. The biggest surprise for me came Saturday morning. President suprisingly passed by the office and said we need to talk... Which is completly normal in the mission office. He then sat me down face to face (not normal), so I knew something was up. We said a prayer, we talked a little, and then he said I was being transferred... I was like this must be April Fool's or something, but I guess it doesnt exsist here in Brasil. Well with only two transfers in the mission office, I'm on to a new chapter. President told us at the begining of our adventure in Porto Alegre that we wouldn't stay long... so I guess he lived up to the promise that I had totally forgotton. I have come to cherish this wonderful experience getting to know President and Sister Campos and their family, all of the missionaries in the mission, and the ward members here in Porto Alegre. That's what really got me bumbed out about leaving... I won't see president as much, and we have some awesome ward members and investigators that I was looking forward to work with. But all in all I'm excited for the new challenge of training an American and working in the marvelous area of Taquara (a small district close to my last area). 
Conference was absolutely amazing. I loved all of the talks and how they focused on Jesus Christ our Savior. I loved Elder Holland's thoughts on staying permanently and faithfully in the eternal choir singing and savoring the precious chorus of eternal blessings. God is really determined to make us more than we think we can be. I loved Elder Hales' thoughts on being a genuine disciple of Christ and how it is a state of being. Neil L Anderson´s remarks on how we need to overcome the world by turning ourselves outward opened my eyes and answered one of the questions I brought to conference. I loved Elder Bednar's priesthood talk about how we were not called to an area but called to serve. Thomas S. Monson, our beloved prophet bore powerful testimony of the power of the Book of Mormon and having our own testimonies rooted in this gospel. D Todd Christofferson´s thoughts on warning because of love changed the way I will teach investagators, and treat those I am with. Jesus always warned so we must warn as well. Joaquim E Costa gave the perfect talk for all of our investagators so shout out to him. I also loved S Mark Palmer's final thoughts of, "think of the Beholding, Let it go and follow home". Gary E Stevenson gave a wonderful talk on the Holy Ghost and how through staying close to the spirit he will stay close to you. My fave talk was given by Elder M Russell Ballard. I felt the spirit so powerfully as he testified of creating plans and goals in our lives. If we create these goals, we will be more successful. Simple goals can be more powerful. But what struck home for me was the two words he used to describe our eternal plans and goals. RETURN and RECEIVE. We must do everything in our power to return to our Heavenly Father's presence, and when we do we will receive his eternal blessings. I challenge you all to make goals and plans to return and recieve.
The icing on the cake this week was having the awesome and spiritual baptism of Henrique. He was truly a super miracle. It was awesome getting to know him and his family. Watching him quite drinking and smoking in a matter of weeks so that he could follow his Savior and be baptized. He is now prepping to receive the priesthood, and we hope we can baptize his awesome mother Michelle. Thanks for all the love support and prayers. General Conference really stregthened and fortified my testimony of living prophets and apostles. Have an awesome week and do your best to study the marvelous lessons that our prophets, seers and revelators left with us this weekend...


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