Monday, May 8, 2017

Happy May!!!!!

Another great week in the books. It wasn’t quite as eventful as last week, but it was still awesome. Some of the highlights included heading back to Porto Alegre, teaching tons of people, and the baptisms of Dener e Rainer.

Dener and Rainer are awesome. Let me tell you the story of them. Dener and Rainier are the 2 sons of Alini, on of our investigators. When we first taught Alini, Dener barely talked and Rainer hid in his room. Alini told us how Dener was an atheist and Rainer had little or no interest in church. We slowly started to talk to them about music, soccer, work and build an amizade (friendship). Then we started to throw in small messages. Eventually, Dener went to a stake dance, and everything changed. He started to have a desire to hear our message and pray. His example helped Rainer see the importance of God’s plan for us. This week was awesome because we met with them everyday and conversed and clarified questions. Then, Dener told me he was ready to get baptized leaving his old habits, coffee addiction, and beliefs in the past. Rainer quickly followed his decision. Their baptism was awesome. Super spiritual, and they were smiling the whole time. Also, they set an awesome example for their mom who has been having problems with the law of chastity. But I know she received an answer at the baptism and has a new desire to keep the commandments. Overall, highlight of the week was Dener and Rainer’s baptism!!

One other cool experience was when we returned to Josue’s house to reteach the lessons. Before his whole family hid from us when we arrived and even his 85-year-old dad cussed us out and told us we were going to hell because of our malicious actions. We got there, and mean pops was waiting for us at the doorstep.  He started off by saying a few rude things and to leave, but I just told him that we were at the house to share a message about God and his love for you, your family and me. He immediately calmed down, and we entered the front gate. Immediately after, I felt a new spirit in their house. The whole atmosphere had transformed only a week after his baptism. We got to share an awesome lesson with several members of the family including his crazy dad.

This week had so many other highlights, but overall, I learned a lot about gratitude. The mish is great because I can see my progression.  I love 1 Peter 2:21. “For even hereunto were ye called: because Christ also suffered for us, leaving us an example, the ye should follow his steps.”  Christ suffered for me and left his eternal example. How can I become more like him everyday? Be grateful for his sacrifice, apply His atonement in my life, and help others come to know the saving power of His suffering in Gethsemane. I would say that’s my mission in a nutshell. Through accomplishing or a least giving my absolute power to achieve this purpose, I can slowly progress to become like Him. It is never easy but it is always worth it. In verse 23 – 25, we are taught to live unto righteousness. What does it mean to live unto righteousness? (rhetorical question) I think for every person the answer could be different, but I know Christ is our pastor, and we are his sheep. In any high or low, struggle or triumph, He will be watching over us, showing his perfect love, and giving his eternal example. He truly is the author and the finisher of our faith, and through Him, it is so possible to sit beside his side (Hebrew 12:2). This knowledge is why I’m grateful. How blessed am I to share this knowledge with others. Thanks for all of your love, care and support.

Elder Bodine

With my good bud Elder Maciel whos now in his house..

My new bff in taquara

Alini is next 

Dener and Rainer baptism extravaganza

Baptizing Basics 101

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