Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Week of Miracles

Brazilian holidays and district meetings has got me writing this email on a Wednesday.
This week was sweet!!!! hahaha. My comp and I saw so many miracles. It was awesome. Of late I have been praying a lot to find people who are really prepared to receive our message. This week we found so many great new investigators. My testimony of diligence and hard work has grown immensely over the last couple of weeks. I know that we have to focus on our purpose to see miracles both small and large. Focus = Progression.
First miracle was Josue. Josue is the son of a member in the church who started visiting a couple weeks ago. The other week he came up to us and asked us if he could be baptized... so we said of course. The last week we spent visiting him and his mom prepping him for baptism. His life story is pretty tragic. He got in an accident when he was about 13 years old and his mental state has stayed the same since then. Or in other words he is 50 years old but has the thoughts, ideas, and energy of a teenager. Overall he is an awesome guy. And his baptism turned out stellar. I said he was beyond happy the day of his baptism. His dad tried to stop his baptism, but he pressed forward firmly and said that there was no way that he wasn’t going to be baptized in the true church. His mom was unbelievably happy on the day of his baptism. 
One of the young women in our ward in our branch invited two friends to church last week. They are amazing. They have so many questions want to know what church is true, and have been attending seminary, church and ward activities.
This week while doing contacts in the street, we found a middle aged man who had little interest in our message. He told his wife about it and she went online to to search about our church. She ended up chatting with a woman in Sao Paulo who sent us her address. We showed up at the house and found the same guy who we had mad the contact with... it was kind of trippy finding the same dude that denied us in the street, but we ended up having one of the most powerful lessons of my mish preaching about the power of the Book of Mormon. Everybody was feeling the spirit in that lesson. 
One investigator we have been teaching forever has a son who in the beginning had no interest in our lessons or god. He was actually atheist.  But he started to listen and his perspective changed. Last week he went to a stake dance and when he got back, he told me that everyone there was so happy and that he wanted to feel that same warmth. He will get baptized this week. Denner is such a stud haha. I never thought I would be so grateful for a  stake dance... just kidding stake dances are awesome. 
I can’t even begin to explain the countless miracles that happened this week. Thank you so much for your much needed prayers.... I love you all and hope you guys have an amazing week. 



Baptism of Josue.... I´m a giant here. 

P-day hike to the top of Monte da Fé

Everyone on the top of the mountain enjoyed our headstands... 

Monte da Fé 

It was freezing at zone conference with presidente... hoody and suit

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